Welcome to Ninja Outrun !

UPDATE: We realized that we did not spend enough time during the jam to playtest our game which is way too hard in this state.
We uploaded another version on the TIC80 website ( here ) where we only modified the difficulty of the level for the people who would want to see more of the game.

Here is a little game made for the GMTK GameJam 2019, where you control a ninja going through the same level over and over again (or is it?)!

As the theme of this Jam is "Only One", you'll have 1 minute to beat the entire level!

Don't worry, the level will get easier the more you die ...

Will you manage to beat the level on the first time ?

Good luck !

Warning - In game sound can be loud, don't hesitate to lower your computer overall sound level. Sry about that ..

Controls :

  • Z to jump
  • Arrow keys to move around

Misc :

This game was made using TIC-80a fantasy tiny computer which contains all the usefull tools (code, sprites, sounds ...) to create small 8-bits games (16 colors, 240x136 pixels that can be displayed on screen ...). No other tool was used for the creation of this game.

Note - We had a really great fun making this tiny game for this Jam. That's only our second game but don't hesitate to let us know what you think of it! :)

Yurhi & Sh0rtCut457


NinjaOutrun_1_0.exe 3 MB


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I could give you a  synth wave track